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HAVEN Guardian Angel Program

Protecting our schools, daycares, and places of worship

HAVEN is donating up to three HAVEN Lockdown™ units to eligible schools, daycares, and places of worship to help protect our community from active threats with the strongest, most code compliant lockdown system ever made. Contact us to learn more.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I know if my school, daycare, or place of worship is eligible do I participate?
A: The first step is to speak with a HAVEN specialist to verify if your school, daycare, or place of worship is eligible for the Guardian Angel Program. Prior participants in the Guardian Angel program are ineligible. Some restrictions may apply based on your state of residence. Fill out the contact form below to connect with someone at HAVEN to learn more. 

Q: Is installation of the locks included in the donation?
A: No. HAVEN utlizes third-party installers across the country for Lockdown installation. There is a charge associated with each Lockdown unit installation that is outside of HAVEN's control. However, HAVEN works closely with certified installers to ensure that installation costs are at the market rate and never subject to price gouging.  


Contact Us to Learn More About Lockdown and the Guardian Angel Program