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HAVEN Guardian Angel Program

Buy a lock, give a lock

When you purchase HAVEN Lockdown™ units to secure your business / office, a one-to-one match of units purchased will be donated to the school or daycare of your choice. Protect your office and your community from active threats with the strongest, most code compliant lockdown system ever made. Contact us to learn more.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Exactly how does the Guardian Angel program work, and how do I participate?
A: The first step is to speak with a HAVEN specialist about the number Lockdown units you need for your business or office. Fill out the contact form below to connect with someone at HAVEN. Once you are ready to place an order, you will be asked to specify the school or daycare that you want to be the target donation recipient. After your order is placed, we donate an equivalent number of Lockdown units in your name. For example, you purchase five Lockdown units for your office, we donate five Lockdown units to your child's school.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of Lockdown units that you will match in a donation?
A: No limits. HAVEN will match as many Lockdown units in a donation as you purchase. 

Q: Will my school/daycare accept Lockdown unit donations through this program?
A: Most institutions can accept donations such as those given in this program. If your school/daycare is not already set up in our system, we will work with you to get them set up ASAP. 

Q: Do I have to specify a school or daycare for donations or can you choose one for me?
A: You can specify a random school or daycare to be the recipient of Lockdown units, and we will choose a school/daycare in need. 

Q: I am with a school or daycare.  How do I become a donation target for this program?
A: Fill out the contact form below, and someone from HAVEN will reach out to get you set up in our system and provide more information. 


Contact Us to Learn More About Lockdown and the Guardian Angel Program